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Traditionally, studded jewellery with stone embellishments has been in high demand around the September-October festival season, which climaxes with the major Hindu festival Diwali in late October to early November.

The studded jewellery was bought as much as an investment as to be worn at special occasions. But this season fashion-conscious young Indian women have increasingly been selecting diamond-studded jewellery made of gold with emeralds, ruby and diamonds.

The vast majority of Indian households still put away a part of their monthly income for
investment in gold and studded jewellery remained the favorite for special occasions.

For centuries studded jewellery has been equated with money, savings, riches and status in India, and family heirlooms alone may account for more than half of the country's holdings.


Emeralds Studded

Bangles Studded with Rubies, Emeralds & Diamonds

Bracelets Studded with Rubies & Sapphire
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